Read about metrics at Airbnb, web-components at Github, securing your S3 buckets, building a life without burnout and how much can an if statement cost you.

Welcome to the 10th issue of engineering brew. 

#Scale #Consistency #Metrics 

This post goes into depth about the metrics at Airbnb, and I really wanted to summarize it well. But, after 3 failed attempts, I am going to use their own summary (which is really good).

#WebComponents #Extraction #OpenSource 

This post talks about how Github used web components, why they use it and how they go about extracting them from their own monolith.

#AWS #Security #MultipleWays

This is rather a list post on all the ways you can use to secure your AWS S3 buckets. I am pretty sure you have used a few of them in the past, but it is a good list of all the possible options available to you and how to use them.

#WFH #Burnout #WorkLifeBalance

This is a great post on avoiding burnout. I think what Farhan (author) talks about in this post is super powerful. It starts with “defining and communicating boundaries” and why. Overall a really good read and worth sharing with your broader team.

#If #Benchmarks #M1

This post asks a simple question: how costly is adding a never-taken if branch in an otherwise active part of the codebase running on either x86 or M1 chip. And they dive deeeeeep, like really deep.

Thank you for reading.

Happy Friday!