Learn all about dark launches, a rebirth of a loved / home grown slack bot, searching billions of images with text and a two part series around a big android app upgrade. And finally, read up on three extra notable mentions at the bottom.

Welcome to the 11th issue of engineering brew. 

#SlackBot #MicroService #Scale

This post talks about Fred - Medium’s internal slack bot and how it was not performing well under stress. This is a great example of how mone grown systems sometimes don’t get a lot of love until they stop working. But, this one has a happy ending with Fred moving from a monolith to microservices. 


#DarkLaunch #Deployments 

This is a post on how to manage your dark launches. Author takes you through the process and talks about potential pitfalls.   


#ImageSearch #Scale #Relevance

I didn’t know that photos are the most common file type in Dropbox. Well, never really thought about it. But, this is a post about how the image search works, under the hood. And how they scale it for billions of images. 


#Android #BestPractices #Learning

This two part series by NYT is interesting. Part one, talks about how to build consensus around changing best practices in tech. It is more towards aligning internal teams towards new changes. In part two, authors go in-depth with examples and constraints.

Part 1 - https://open.nytimes.com/4-steps-to-win-advocates-and-implement-a-technical-change-b2a9b922559b/?ref=engineeringbrew.com

Part 2 - https://open.nytimes.com/threading-at-the-speed-of-light-6ae31257307a/?ref=engineeringbrew.com

Other notable mentions for this week

Algorithm assisted inventory curation by StichFix

Sharing context within engineering teams at Shopify

How programming and writing novels is similar

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