Read about how Github renders huge logs, how web authentication can use another layer of security, how SQL interviews were made better at NYT, how you can remove metadata from your images using Python or JS and how BBC is trying to reuse their presentation layer.

It's week 4 for curated engineering blogs -

I like this blog as the author talked about the initial stage/implementation, the problems with it, and then solving the problems considering user behavior data. Oh, and it’s all about tons of logs.

I am not very sure how I feel about this. I am all for password managers but this is taking it to the next level, I would love to know if you feel strongly about this -

Reassessment of the “assessment” of SQL interviews of data analysts at NYT. This is a great piece about reimagining the interview process with setup(5 mins), work (30 mins) and interpretation (15 mins).

Geek out on removing metadata from your photos using Python or JavaScript both from Auth0 blog.

Who will be using the product, how do we ensure quality and what have we learned so far? 

These are the 3 questions that BBC engineering team is asking while trying to use shared code for their presentation layer (I am thinking reusable front end code)