Read about a five part post from Ben Mccormick about being an Engineering Manager, how Pinterest is fighting hate with ML, how creating docs is not for everyone, how they deliver data products fast at Shopify, and how to be inclusive in everyday engineering terminology. There is a bonus post from Paul Graham about writing.

Welcome to week 3 of curated Engineering blogs newsletter -

This is not one but five great posts about engineering managers. Everything from what they do, to accountability, delegation and feedback. 

If you ever wish to be an EM - it is a great read.

Here is an explanation of how Pinterest is using ML modes to tag/remove pins and boards with problematic content (misinformation, hate speech, & self hard content).

Writing documentation is not for everyone.

Data products, and what to avoid in order to ship them fast. 

Hint - avoid ML in first iterations.

This is not a recent post (like others), but I believe it is important to bring it back. There is always scope to be inclusive in our terminology, in our code and in our workplace. Take examples from Indeed and build on top of them -

Bonus Share - 

Every once in a while, I would add something that is not from an engineering org or written by a technical person. Here is one of those, it is about writing ordinary words and simple sentences -