Read about NLP, about sending policy update emails, using few lines of code to create dark mode, become a T shaped engineer by pairing up with a non-engineer and learn about how an intern project became a huge open source data hub.

Week 5 of Eng Brew with curated newsletters and the first issue of April, 2021.

The post might say “Future of NLP” but it explains the basics of NLP and how it works. I see it as a great starting point.

This post talks about something nobody likes, the compliance emails!! And why are they important and hard to get right. Author explains all the considerations with examples which makes it easier to digest and remember.

This is some sorcery with the CSS. The basic idea is to use custom properties for the lightness of colors instead of the entire color to get to dark mode.

Pairing with non-engineers for becoming a T shaped, stress testing the docs and building empathy within the org. Sounds interesting, but I am not sure how many people will agree to go through this experiment - what are your thoughts?

A big data hub, built by Pinterest - now open source. 

Learn about the journey, the architecture and the path to open source of an intern project started in 2017.