Learn about multi threading in the cloud, server side rendering and pre-rendering, a great discussion about pull requests, how Uber does small changes at scale, and how to self-host Google fonts.

Welcome to the 7th issue of engineering brew. 

This is a great discussion on pull requests. Author (Thomaz Wróbel) talks about multiple aspects of this behavior with pros, cons and have taken some live conversations from twitter. And to finally bring it home, he uses an amazing meme.


We all know client side rendering, then there is server side rendering and now pre-rendering. Read more about it in this post


Anuj Kothiyal describes an innovative way to multi-thread in the cloud. He talks about the problem (hyper threading vs multi threading), the solution, the steps to get to the solution and his learnings. This is an action/knowledge packed 5 min read.


A lot of you have worked on feature flags and making small changes quickly. In true Uber fashion, they have taken it to another level. Learn about architecture and features of "flipr" - their internal tool for managing changes quickly and at scale.


In this 1 min post, Sebastian talks about how to self host Google fonts. Why you ask - for performance and privacy.


Happy Friday!