Machine Learning

Algorithm-Assisted Inventory Curation

Personalizing fashion at scale requires that we build an inventory whose size and complexity are as great as that of our client base. To support our inventory expansion and our broader supply chain management, Stitch Fix has developed a suite of algorithms to act as a new inventory recommender system.

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A Heuristic for Multiple Times Speed-up of Model Training

The first question that comes to mind is HOW? The answer is simple, reduce the number of datapoints. However, a more interesting question is the way in which datapoints are reduced.

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Introducing LinNét: Using Rich Image and Text data to Categorize Products at Scale

In this post, we’ll discuss how we evolved and modernized our product categorization model that increased our leaf precision by 8% while doubling our coverage. We’ll dive into the challenges of solving this problem at scale and the technical trade-offs we made along the way.

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